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Website Templates

The Jenny Grip

The Millie Forrest




The Constance Jane

The Florence Williams






For the adventurous soul, the Jenny Grip template is bright, modern, confident, cheerful, and really speaks to the vintage soul. 

Classy + minimal, the Millie Forrest template is the perfect solution for the timeless artistic soul looking for a sophisticated site to showcase their work!

Peppy, playful and oozing with femininity, the Constance Jane template is designed for the bubbly soul. With pastel undertones, this site’s mood is very confident and playful.

 Warm and soulful, the Florence Williams template is designed for the creative soul. With rustic vibes, this site’s mood is very classic and confident.

The Jacqueline Rose

The Nori Bird





Empowered and passionate, the Jacqueline Rose one-page template is designed for the badass soul. This sites mood speaks to the confident entrepreneur.  

Bold and avant-garde, the Nori Bird one-page template is designed for the independent soul. This sites mood speaks to the modern and artistic soul. 

Add-On Templates

Blog Add-On



Adventurous and bohemian, this Showit blog add-on is designed for the entrepreneur ready to provide endless value to their dream clients. This design mood speaks to the go-getter entrepreneur.

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Each of the templates in the shop is designed with a unique mood and vibe in mind. While they’re specifically designed for female service-based entrepreneurs, they’re especially perfect for social media managers, copywriters, virtual assistants and coaches!

who are the templates designed for?

what if i don't like the colors of the template I'm interested in?

Always pick the template you like, not the colors! That’s all completely customizable once you purchase the template + install it on Showit!

What if I don’t have a brand identity or logo? 

You have two options!
You’re welcome to use the brand colors that are included in your template as is! 

You have me design your brand identity before moving onto your website! Just contact me

Am I allowed to use the colors already on the template?

Of course! While the templates are all customizable, the template you purchase is yours! You can use it with the existing colors if you choose to!

What’s Showit? Do I need to like… code? 

Girl… no way! I design for Showit because it’s so incredibly user friendly. You simply can drag and drop any elements you want to move around, no coding experience required!
When you purchase one of my templates, you’ll also receive a step-by-step PDF that explains how to set up on Showit, as well as a video library of tutorials to help you get started! Oh and P.S... Showit has rockstar customer support!